It is our mission at Champions Bible Church of Atlanta to Evangelize, Disciple, and Multiply.  We do so by engaging in Bible study, accurately discerning the Word of God, and teaching and preaching His Truth.

1.  Who we are:

We welcome people from all denominations.

  • A church which offers a relationship with God through Jesus Christ, beginning with salvation and moving to a newness of life, which can only come through the power of God in a surrendered life.
  • Our beloved who gather to worship together each week come from different racial backgrounds but have found that true unity is possible through Jesus Christ.
  • A church that God is building in our city, our nation and around the world by reaching out to the fatherless, the widows, the oppressed, the destitute, the addicted and the poor.
  • A body of believers with a hunger and thirst for truth. We are passionate about the Word of God because we are hungry to know Him more.
  • A congregation whose heart is set upon true, Christ-centered worship with conservative contemporary music along with our beloved hymns.
  • A fellowship of believers who are called to participate with our global prayer ministry.

Let God speak to your life today. His thoughts towards you are precious and strong enough to build upon. He cares for you in ways un-imagined.

CBC By-Laws

CBC Covenant

2.  Our Association:

Champions Bible Church belongs to the Conservative Bible Association.  It is the mission of The Conservative Bible Association (CBA) to support and strengthen local churches and para-church organizations who are the foundation for fulfilling the Great Commission.  We believe that local churches are autonomous, and associations do not govern them.  In addition, CBA assists para-church organizations with training, guidance, and resources to also help support and strengthen local churches.  We believe in conserving the authority of the Bible by guarding against man’s traditions, which may attempt to override the Bible’s authority and local church methodology in building the Kingdom of God.

Conservative Bible Association